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Energy Sector Services

Below Ground or Above, We Clear the Path.

Why D. Grimm is Different

D. Grimm, Inc. is a civil contractor providing solutions in the energy sectors safely, timely and efficiently.

Providing all Specialties Needed for your Project

Providing all Specialties Needed for your Project

Restoration Services

Rebuilding Puerto Rico

In October of 2017, Hurricane Maria devasted Puerto Rico and left a wake of destruction in her path. D.Grimm was first on the scene. Even in extreme conditions, we can scale quickly, seamlessly and safely. We’re proud to be able to help restore Puerto Rico to the people that live there. Click below to learn more about our efforts in Puerto Rico.

Protecting our Team

Safety Means More than Hard Hats.

Our highest priority is to ensure that all of our team members go home safely to their families at the end of every day. We are dedicated to providing the safest environment, proper equipment and tools, safety management leaders, and best practices.

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