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D. Grimm, Inc. was founded by Dawn (Grimm) Harvey in 2000 and is a civil contractor focusing on land development and services pertaining to the energy sector. We provide an extensive list of services, but what sets us apart is our commitment to our clients and each other. D. Grimm, Inc is built upon a solid foundation of experience and loyalty to our employees, our customers, and our communities.

The initial D. Grimm, Inc team consisted of seven people, most of whom now make up the management team. The team formed a strong bond, with each member taking over a prominent role in the company’s operations. This strong start is what first established D. Grimm, Inc as a family company—one that genuinely cares.

Our Mission & Approach

D. Grimm’s mission is to provide the best civil site construction in the industry. Our commitments lie in providing services that protect our employees, clients, and our planet. The importance we place on safety, trust, and the convenience of our extensive list of services means that we can tackle practically any civil projects.
With an emphasis on safety, a focus on product quality, and continuous employee growth, D. Grimm, Inc aims to authentically and ethically earn customer and team loyalty while delivering reliable and quality service.

“We rely on a core group of excellent superintendents who oversee a great group of operators and laborers, and they have proven that they will get jobs done without us constantly looking over their shoulders. Our staff, including those who work in our offices, deserve a great deal of credit for our ability to complete any job on time and on budget.”

—Paul Preston

Reliable & Responsive

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What Our Clients Love About Us

From 2015 to 2019, D. Grimm, Inc. has built many projects for my team – ranging in value from 200K to 3.5MM – including substation construction involving clearing, site preparation, SWPPP, grading, rock excavation, imported fill, fencing, and final surfacing.

D. Grimm, Inc. has always been dependable, thorough, and professional in their service operations. Beyond this, no matter what the schedule may be, safety and quality are always a priority that is
incorporated into their work.

As a Project Manager, D. Grimm, Inc. is always welcome on my jobs and come highly recommended by
Dashiell to our customers.

Nathan Noggle

Dashiell Corporation

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